What does the author know, anyway?
When you see a book on SEO, it makes you wonder. Sure, anyone can say they know something, but where's the proof? Below are just a sampling of clients benefiting from the hyper-targeting approach to SEO outlined in the book.

Digital Printing in Maryland One of the first tests of this method and an example featured in the book, Indigo Ink Printing is an example of search engine strategies that stand the test of time.
Dominate the Search Engines The author's own SEO website which was created many years ago has remained #1 in Google (as well as Bing, Yahoo!, Ask, etc.) for year after year.
Kodak Dental Sensor Repair American SensorTech used these strategies to rocket to the top in less than one month.
Dentist in Cary Dr. Todd W. Garcia in Cary, NC has been using this strategy for years to achieve #1 for the phrase Dentist in Cary.
Repair Kodak RVG 6100 Targeted search strategy for specific model of Kodak dental sensors, the RVG 6100.
Dental Sensor Repair American SensorTech provides repair services for intraoral dental X-ray sensors.

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