How to Win with Google
Coming soon! Mathew Taft's new book on SEO (search engine optimization) strategies learned over nearly two decades of work with hundreds of clients.

Hyper-targeting for Success in the Searches
This book pushes the search engine optimizing envelope by looking at why yesterday's optimizing won't work and what you can do to keep your website from getting lost, as well as steps you can take to secure top 3 positions in the major search engines.

Mathew Taft has been creating and optimizing websites since he began working with the web in 1995. His techniques have proven not only to work, but to be sustainable, preserving top spots in Google which have lasted through numerous updates to the Google algorythm.

Your First book on SEO?
This work was designed to be a primer into the world of Search Engine Optimization, but also to function as a 'working man's guide' to SEO, allowing the reader who doesn't have copious amounts of time the opportunity to dive in and learn truly useful techniques which are relevant and powerful, quickly.

Available on Amazon 12/15/2013
This book is not currently available, but if you would like to be on the list to be emailed when it launches, and receive discount pricing (if offered), please fill out our Contact Me form on this website. Make your own website